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Mr. Spaceman

This was a study in compositing using Vue, Poser, DAZ Studio, stock images and Photoshop

1. Initial "sketch" and idea formation in Eon software Vue.

2. Poser figure placed in Vue environment to get a sense of scale and depth.

3. Initial environment. Here on the right is an example of selecting and separating the environment in layers in Photoshop and using adjustments of light, saturation, color balance, contrast, blur filter, etc to help create depth and guide the focus of the viewer. This can be done ahead or when all the elements are present.

4. First draft. Figure, ship and other props are all separate renders from Poser or DAZ and saved as png files to add as layers to the Photoshop composite.

5. Final image. New prop layers, improved smoke, highlights and contrast added to main figure, plus lighting/color adjustments and blur filter on separate layers.

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